Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recycling Commercials? Tastes Bitter to Me...

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"Trying;" This word best describes the recent weeks of my life. Not unlike many others I am unemployed. This situation while only slightly annoying at first is growing more painful each day. The clock ticks and my heart beats with each passing minute, hour and day waiting for a call for an interview. The situational agony has only been compounded by lies of my past employer negating my ability to collect money that is rightfully mine. However tragic and common my story, I must thank you for reading past my personal rant and on to the article you most likely were here to read.
Thank you, TCC

Recycling Commercials? Tastes Bitter to Me...

Cadbury is guilty, as well as Folgers. The charge against the two companies: recycling.
Advertising recycling represents gross neglect for creativity within a corporation. Several reasons explain the practice of recycling: Budgetary constraints; corporate neglect of creativity; pure laziness.

Shooting yourself in the foot encompasses the severity of companies actions when they cut the budget of their marketing/advertising department. I have always wondered why companies practice such behavior as an advertisement reminds people of the product and increases sales; but when sales slump the marketing budget immediately dries up. Studies show the contrary to the practice but actions are always louder than words. There are several reasons for the practice and one maybe jealousy.

People are afraid of things they don't understand; and one thing many business people do not understand is their consumers. The thought of another person in their company with more knowledge about their customers than they posses leads to cuts and lay offs. Marketing and sales but mainly marketing get the axe. Further more, the practice of cutting the funds to grow a company further could be tied to pure laziness.

Recycling advertisements is a practice that should be avoided. Recycling may be good for the earth but nothing turns green in the business world without innovation and forward momentum.


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  1. After watching the Folger's Commerical, I thought to myself, "Are they trying to bring back the Riverdance?" Maybe Flaherty is on the Folgers Board of Directors.

    I agree that it is really unnecessary to recycle commercials. In the era of reduce, reuse and recycle, we are experiencing a creative void whereby ad agencies are laying off people left and right sand companies are not making as many ads as they had in the past. The company line is that it must go back to its core. But what is their core, to make products or to sell products? My answer is that it is both.