Monday, May 25, 2009

The "American Dream" grows with fertilizer?

The smell of freshly cut grass and leaves fluttering on the trees outside my window reminds me summer is upon us and with that comes summer commercials. Alavert, Nasonex, and Benadryl are a few on the line up of this summer but the commercial I am analyzing today is from Scott's Turf Builder.

Because I do not have a video of the commercial, I will give you a quick run down of what it is about. The commercial features a couple speaking about how when they first moved in the yard was filled with dandelions and with the help of Scott's Turf Builder they changed it from this:

To this:

I have seem the commercial several times now and I am ready to provide my analysis. The commercial seems to have differing messages between the dialogue and the scene. The dialogue pushes the listener to feel guilty about having a "weed infested" lawn. The scene of the commercial builds the idea of the "American dream" with a beautiful yard and nice house. The commercial for myself is quite forgettable because the messages is not unified. Needless to say the ad was produced and distributed. If the ad had a unified message of the building the "American dream;" I think Scott's could have made a very memorable commercial.

The idea of the "American dream" from my understanding is a combination of emotional happiness and materialistic possessions. To be happy one must posses a nice house with a white picket fence, great lawn and several other things. The commercial sells the "American dream" visually very well and even makes me want a better lawn (however, that will take awhile). The dialogue of the ad brings back reality and memories of being scolded. The dialogue pushes guilt like Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond. It is the dialogue that ruined this commercial.

My original question is the title of the article: The "American Dream" grows with fertilizer? I would have to say yes the "American dream" does grow with fertilizer. The dream grows with every granule of Scott's and every step we take to improve our lives. What we fertilize our lives with is unique to all of us and everyone can use some help to grow the dream.


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