Thursday, May 14, 2009

Commercials: Start to Finish 1

I was sitting on the couch watching the newest batch of commercials and I pondered... How do commercials get from being an idea to my TV?

In this series, titled Commercials: Start to Finish, I will pull back the curtain on commercial creation, production and placement.

My first challenge is to pick a commercial that is good enough to research.
I settled on this commercial:

Why this commercial? I think this and the whole series is hilarious.

Step one: contact Capital One to find advertising firm responsible.

Some ingredients that are in a commercial:
  • Company that is advertising (Capital One)
  • Advertising Firm (Unknown)
  • Production Company (Unknown)
  • Director (Unknown)
  • Locations (Unknown)
  • Actors (1 known, Patricia Belcher)
My goal is to be as informative as possible so if you find an error or have a question please let me know.


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