Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Follow-up to Tom's Shoes Commercial

I found this mini documentary on youtube about the Tom's Shoes commercial with AT&T. It explains the concept and goes over some of the process.

I found it interesting that AT&T approached Tom's Shoes to do the commercial; however, I think I understand why. Here is my theory: many, if not all, cell phone carriers are seen as jerks in the eyes of consumers for various reasons. AT&T, through several advertising campaigns, is trying to associate the company's image with kindness, trust and stability. If my theory is correct there are several things both companies have to keep an eye on as it is Tom's Shoes that will be hurt significantly more than AT&T.

The commercial was huge step for Tom's Shoes to get the word out about their company; the step has a huge risk. The risk for Tom's Shoes is hoping AT&T's image stays clean for a few months until the buzz about the commercial has died down. I am not saying AT&T is going to be facing legal, financial and PR problems anytime soon but the possibility is real. I'm quite sure that there is no problems on the horizon for AT&T.

I truly enjoyed the behind the scenes and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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