Monday, May 18, 2009

New Taco Bell Rap Commercial

The newest commercial in Taco Bell's drive thru rap is hilarious.

The series is based on several youtube videos. The youtube videos feature people rapping their order. It was only a matter of time until an advertising firm caught on to the growing trend.

I wonder how long advertising firms spend watching youtube videos trying to spot a new trend. I would certainly sign up for that job. This could be a sample job description:
  • Watch viral videos on the world wide web
  • Analyze video traffic
  • Leverage traffic statistics to create innovative advertising ideas
  • Stay fit mentally and physically enough to drive your rascal scooter to work as you will slowly become brain dead
  • No life insurance will be provided
Hulu commercials claim that TV rots your brain... if that is true than youtube must turn it into a slurry at light speed.

It would have been quite easy for Taco Bell to mess up on a commercial like this but in my opinion they nailed it.

"The Taco Bell Girl just owned you!"


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