Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wal-Mart Bombs Target

Wal-Mart blasts competitor with new commercial. The jab at Target is apparent.

Is Wal-mart going for blood now? Target, Wal-mart's main competitor, has had a few unlucky quarters lately and Wal-mart seems to have positioned themselves to kill. It looks that way to me.

My thoughts on the symbolism in the commercial could represent several things. The changing of the colors reminds me of a political ad; red to blue. Could the red and blue mean more than just Target and Walmart?

Rolling back the hands of time to 1950... Is Walmart propositioning Target is Communist?

I don't have enough evidence of it, but it is still speculation.


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  1. Ha, I never even noticed the colors of the carts. I was too busy watching the smiley blond woman.