Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make a Million Dollars With 1 Click!

It must be magic or some kind of voodoo that slips into people when they think they can make money without doing anything. Beyond relatives dying or finding a treasure chest this will never happen but why do people still try to find easy money?

There are several ways to make money without too much effort and here are a few of them:
  • Sell your used stuff on Ebay or Craigslist
  • Start a blog about anything and place ads on it.
  • Sell your plasma (it helps burn victims!)
  • Become a freelance writer
  • Sell your soul to the devil (just kidding!)

This topic does not truely fit within the constructs of the blog foundation but I thought many people might want to read about it or are looking for easy cash. My only thought regarding how this fits into the blog is to bring more thoughts on advertising to the table.


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