Friday, June 26, 2009

Laurie Colman Endorses The Blo and Go! In case you missed it.

Before allegedly receiving things from her husband's top supporters under the table, Laurie Coleman was peddling the Blo and Go.

The Blo and Go is a product the allows the user to dry their hair while leaving two hands free to style. While the product is most likely helpful to the user; the name may need tweeking from the Pitchmen (Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan).

The name sounds more like a booty call or what presidents do in the oval office. I mean seriously how did she pitch the name to her husband Senator Norm Coleman...
LC "I want to sell my idea, the Blo and Go."
NC "Sound like a great idea but hasn't it been done before? I think they call it a 'booty call.'"
LC "No my hands free hair dryer invention!"
NC "Ohhh..."

If I had the money I would so buy one, not only for the name but for the actual function.


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