Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be a man and "Stop 'LOL'ing Everything!"

In this technological world we live in we often forgot to stop and appreciate the past. Barbasol's first  ad campaign in five years features views from the past commenting on modern life. This comedic juxtaposition pays special attention to the luxuries we take for granted today as a result of the hard work and sacrifice from previous generations.

Instead of rambling on about "back in my day" I will end with this:
The struggles of our generation, no matter how great, may unfortunately only be a small foot note in the history books of our kin's kin; and even though our stories of life, love and struggle maybe passed over by historians and future students, we must not forget to instill the messages of humanity, kindness and faith in future generations not only for us but all of mankind.


P. S. And Stop 'LOL'ing everthing!

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  1. Barbasol – War Hero - Re-Write No. 1.

    OH, HEY THERE *BIG* BUDDY, IT’S YOUR GREAT *GRANDSON* HERE… Oh, sorry about yelling, I didn't realize you were *standing right behind me*… For a minute I forgot that five generations of us all live in the same house.

    Anyway, teacher says that after winning WWII, this so called *“Greatest Generation”* came home, worked for the next 40 years, put a man on the moon, then retired *on their own savings*. Whatever... I don’t care anything about that... What I want to know is HOW COME IT’S SO HARD *TO GET PAID* IN THIS COUNTRY?!?

    My sister, who had to wait like 5 years to get her own SUBSIDIZED HOUSING had to argue with *the government lady* just to get her BABY FORMULA; WIC CHEESE; FOOD STAMPS; ENERGY ASSISTANCE; GOVERNMENT CELL PHONE; MEDICAID; and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PASS... On top of that, my brother who’s almost thirteen STILL hasn't gotten his DISABILITY!! – imagine that, almost thirteen years old and HE STILL *ISN'T GETTING PAID*.

    These “great” people REALLY MESSED SHIT UP!!!

    My Mom, Ma-Mom, Ma-Ma-Mom and Ma-Ma-Ma-Mom all have to go to like three doctors each to get their MEDICAID PRESCRIPTIONS (I’m not sure why 1200 Oxycontins are so important, but people come around all night every time they get them).

    Anyway, I could go on, but I’m at the *ER* with a *sore throat* and the nurse just called me… it’s about god damn time. Hash-tag.