Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to Normal

Wow... That was a long vacation, sabbatical or even an extra long commercial interruption  But I finally have my life back after struggling with a job that was not right for myself and my family.

 I just saw this commercial and I had to pass it on to all of you. Now back to our regularly scheduled advertising break-down. I'm a little rusty so please excuse my poor writing as I am gearing back up.

I think this GE commercial is a keeper, even though the underlying messages that creep up from behind my chair of paranoia are starting to scare me of the possible future. The cinematography and FX definitively add to "The Matrix" theme. I thought it was a great cameo of Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving) explaining that GE is everywhere... And that message brings me to the paranoia segment of the analysis. Are we ready for the GE/Matrix??? Is my toaster going to tell my TV to change to the cooking channel or is my phone going to blab to my treadmill that I am not working out at all? I'm not sure I want the digital fingers of GE grabbing me.


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