Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Qwest Has Wishful Thinking About Births

"Is your Wife here?"

A question was posed by one of our main contributors after viewing this commercial: Is Qwest trying to set a moral standard by the use of the word "wife?"

I mulled the question over for several hours before I could come up with a good answer. My thoughts are that Qwest communications used the word wife out of necessity for smooth dialogue and not to satisfy a moral objective regarding unwed mothers.

While researching the topic I stumbled across an interesting statistic regarding births and unwed mothers. The percentage of babies born to an unwed mother have risen to 39.7% in 2007 (as reported by National Center for Health Statistics). I was surprised to find that there were that many babies born out of wedlock. I digress from my research and return to the commercial at hand.

Regarding Qwest's commercial using the word wife it seems it was the only word appropriate to use to maintain the flow of the script. I could see using a broader term like "baby's mama" but it most likely throw off the flow. A term they could have used was maybe "expecting mother" but again it still messes with the flow. Qwest is more concerned with the flow of the commercial than stepping on a few unwed mothers' toes.

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