Friday, July 17, 2009

Orbitz Comes Out Of The Closet To Solicit LGBT has broken new ground by soliciting LGBT in their commercial.

The man on the far right is wearing a shirt with the Human Rights Campaign, HRC, logo. HRC is a leading civil rights activist group for LGBT.

After reading some of the comments left on Orbitz youtube channel, TCC was not surprized that Orbitz was getting praised for the small act of displaying a logo in their commercial and actually might be gaining market share of the LGBT demographic. Orbitz is certainly trying to gain buzz with the commercial.


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  1. Orbitz Price Assurance commercial is misleading. After discovering we could have booked our hotel cheaper, we requested a refund and were denied because Price Assurance does not cover packages. Why do I need Orbitz if I can get the same hotel cheaper on my own?